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By Denis C

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  1. Denis C

    Denis C

    Hi all, Just got some of the new TruFeel golf balls, looking forward to trying them out. Also first time to order from shop my titleist site with custom logo. Had seen the Open logos and particularly liked this one. As usual Titleist did not disappoint. Denis.

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  2. Considering these for a run in the winter, let me know how you get on. Reviews seem decent enough...
  3. Denis C

    Denis C

    Got a chance to try them this evening.
    Started with a comparison to the V1x for a few holes,
    distance off the tee was about 4 or 5 yards longer with the TruFeel and this was the case on most holes.
    Tried similar with TP5x and again 5 yds in most cases. Was really surprised at how consistently this was the result. Even when i didn't hit one as well as the other ball, it still was past it on the fairway.
    Difficult to judge spin into greens as they are soft at the moment and stopping by the pitchmark, but didn't see any going long compared to the V1x and TP5x, in fact they were pretty similar.
    Thought they came off the putter face a little faster than the other two, it would be interesting to see the reaction on summer greens. But so far can't fault them, on the contrary, was really impressed with the performance. Hopefully will get to try them further over the weekend.
  4. Well I’ve just picked up a few promo sleeves 4 balls for £5 at a local pro shop, will be interesting to compare when I’m next out.
  5. Tosh.


    Might try these over the winter
  6. Denis C

    Denis C

    Definitely worth a try over the winter months. Enjoy
  7. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    I just tried the TruFeel ball this week. Surprised about the performance, not a ProV1 but a great option. The price is good for such a ball that is this good. I will be playing this ball at least for the cooler months.
  8. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Question for those who have tried these. What's the flight like compared to Pro V1 and X or AVX? is the extra distance carry or run?

    Is the durability comparable or better?

    From online reviews the Titleist script and yellow colour option differ from Pro V. What do you think?

    We need to know these things before parting with well earned cash?

  9. Mark Crossfield did a review and there wasn't much difference compared to his prov1x.

    Maybe a little less spin with the lob wedge into greens but with winter conditions being a bit softer I can't see it as an issue.

    If you plug one of these in soft spots on you're course you would be sickened if it was a prov, maybe not so much with the trufeel as it's cheaper.

    I'll be trying these too over the next few weeks.

    I normally played toursoft last winter and would like to see a comparison between these two balls.
  10. Really excited to put these in play over the winter. Fingers crossed the winter isn't as wet as our summer

    My first purchase off the site. Got the TeamTitleist alignment logo. Looks amazing!

    Also Titleist are running a promotion if you buy a dozen balls before the 31st you get a free ball marker.

    Over the moon!

    Thanks TeamTitleist
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  11. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Just ordered a box to try out via the offer. Will compare to my usual ProV1x ball.

  12. Tosh.


    Bought the yellow ones today and I’ll give them a bash at the wkend.
  13. Lefty


    Are these a soft version of the Velocity?
  14. Denis C

    Denis C

    I think that's right, but im open to correction as i dont play the velocity. In case I'm mistaken I think velocity is Surlyn cover, but TruFeel is somewhat different, but maybe someone else can confirm.
  15. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Mine just arrived, only putted with them, feel super soft, dull impact noise off my scotty
  16. Just got a dozen today to try
    Curious as the feedback is mostly good
  17. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    Has anyone tried these truefeel instead of AVX, both soft balls with low spin with truefeel almost half the price, I am waiting for the yellow ones to come into my pro shop to give them a try as a winter ball, short game spin not so important with softer greens ( use pro v1 in summer) usually AVX in winter but loosing to many with plugged balls and leaf hiding would be interested in any feedback from this great group of titleist followers

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