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By Trevor P

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  1. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    So what is on everyone's Xmas list.

    Its getting to that point of the year when we get asked, do you want anything golf related for xmas. there is normal something i need but this year I seem to have everything.

    what a do I need ??, what little gem should be in my bag ??

    Only thing is a new driver and I have already arranged a fitting, don't tell the wife.

  2. Foot joy Tour S shoes!!
  3. The only thing that is not working well is the driver... but I should persevere with the TS3 and perhaps play with the shaft lengths.
    The U500 3 iron is going like a train to such an extent that I might try the 2... but that is not a viable xmas option...
    Need new dribblers - so golf shoes it must be!
  4. No one ever gets me golf stuff for Christmas.
  5. Alex,
    Perhaps you need to be a bit more assertive - most people struggle to find presents for us blokes!
    When parents, relatives, friends and significant others ask, have a ready response even if it's only FJ argyle golf socks or a Titleist snood.
    Make sure your Amazon Wish List, Ebay Wish List and other sundry Wish Lists are appropriately filled in with golf related necessities.
    I've got a mate who buys his own golf-related presents and when his family ask what he wants for xmas or birthday, he brings the goodies out and says "you can get me that"!
  6. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I know it’s not very TT, but what I’d really like is a new trolley.
  7. I'm asking for a day clinic at the Dave Pelz short game school.
  8. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Big fan of Dave Pelz - where abouts do they teach the short game school?
  9. Lefty said:

    Big fan of Dave Pelz - where abouts do they teach the short game school?

    Killeen Castle in County Meath, Ireland.
  10. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    I’ve ask my little Santa’s for some Titleist Woolly hats and a nice matching Snood.

    Also a few nice FJ gloves.
  11. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    I've heard (seen) that Santa has Mitts, Reversible Beanie had and bag towel in his sack and a putting mirror. Just hope he's not a golfer or I'm going to get cold this winter...
  12. richbow9


    Volvik range finder is top of my list, along with the perennial favourite Titleist golf balls
  13. Chris M

    Chris M

    Footjoy Pro SL shoes, a TS3 Driver and TS2 FW
  14. Aaron


    footjoy pro SL shoes are on my xmas list
  15. Scotty Cameron Holiday H 19 putter.
    But I doubt if even Santa has the pull to source one at retail.
    Back into the murky waters of eBay I must plunge, swimming with the sharks.
  16. Be nice to guide people to a online site titleist scorecard holder alignment sticks towels etc possibly even with TT on the only problem is we would have already bought the stuff !!
  17. Tosh.


    A swing would be nice please Santa.
  18. Tosh
    A swing??? Man of your calibre?
    Have to assume that's to go with the trampoline & the see-saw in the garden??????
  19. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    I have put on my list the new tour bag with matching head covers!

    Looks very professional, unlike my game!
  20. richard f

    richard f

    A new hybrid, wedges , and even though not titleist, some more galvin green clothing
  21. Richard,
    You expecting rain, by any chance????
  22. I'm thinking a U500 3-iron for long and tight par-4s, or perhaps a pair of pristine FootJoy 1857s? So beautiful! Will need to win the lottery first, though :o)
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