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By richard f

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  1. richard f

    richard f

    Recently received an email to say titleist fitting Thursday is returning, just a shame it always seems to be down south here in England, just wondered if titleist could not possibly go to different locations throughout the year , so that us at the other end of the country and throughout the rest of the uk , don’t have to travel miles and miles to take part , I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure if they spread out their titleist Thursday to many different locations, far more people would book fitting days , when in their areas , who else agrees ?? Could be something think about in future, if it’s possible!!

  2. They change the location regularly and try to cover all areas. Best to keep checking the updates. Where are you? If there’s a Titleist fitting room close to you they might do a deal or at least know when a fitting Thursday is due in the area.
  3. richard f

    richard f

    Up in the north east ( Durham )
  4. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your interest in our Titleist Thursday events. We have host venues situated all around the country and one of our most regular stops was Close House which is roughly 30 miles from Durham. We only have around 5 events every week and we try and move the events around the country as best we can. You can find the current venues on the rota on the link attached www.titleist.co.uk/.../thursdays.

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist
  5. richard f

    richard f

    Thanks Luke I had a look at the close house one and it looks like it’s fully booked already well into next year , but il keep checking

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