Forgive me Titleist for I have sinned.....

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By Tosh.

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  1. Tosh.


    I bought these bad boys without getting fitted......good deal though, project x 5.5 shafts feel and look great and the head looks a fair bit smaller than my ap1’s, I had them out at the range and the 7 iron just flys......I hate hitting off mats that don’t have any give in them so haven’t tried them all I hate scuff marks lol damn u ocd. Just hope I don’t regret not getting fitted but once I see something I like I’m like a kid that’s got to have now I hope the Thursdays don’t start soon lol.

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  2. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Very nice buddy ️‍♂️
  3. I think alot of us have done the same Tosh, just don't admit it. Hope they give you the performance you hoped for,
  4. Tosh,
    I know exactly what you mean: See them - Want them - Buy them

    Have to say, these T's certainly look the business!!
    Not content with new (comfy) shoes, you celebrate with a whole new bag of irons!!

    My currents AP's are 2 degrees flat and are the best fitting I've ever had so I'd get fitted again.
    Get out on the grass and enjoy
  5. Tosh.


    Looking for a nice titleist light stand bag next JT the hybrids getting a bit heavy around the 14th.......need to hit the weights like Bryson. ️‍♂️
  6. Tosh,
    Have you spied that Titleist Players 4 Carbon?
    1.3 kilo, so as light as they come, and an understated black with red zips.
    Very cool.
  7. Tosh.


    I’ve managed source a nice TT players 4 stadry bag but can’t get it just now due to all what’s going watch this space......not sure if it would be the colour I would go for but again a deals a deal.
    But if this falls through I wouldn’t mind the carbon 4 but they seem a bit tricky to find.
  8. ian e

    ian e

    Pretty little things, would need new specs to use them.
  9. Not to worry too much Tosh, I'm sure theres many that have din ethe same, just not admitted it......?Hope you get the performace you hope for.
  10. Tosh.


    Went out today with them (Sunday) and loved them even off centre hits were good. A lower ball flight due to the shaft but that’s what I was after and at least a club longer.......great looking at address nice and tidy.
  11. Very nice Tosh, enjoy.

    Ive done the same, but, ssssh don't tell anyone.

  12. Phil,

    Won't tell a soul....

  13. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Who doesn’t love new clubs and if you’ve struck lucky with the specs then it’s a win-win situation!
    I’d play with them for a while and see if there’s anything that stands out as an issue. If you’re a club member you should be able to get a basic check on lie angles etc and get some tweaks done.
  14. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    As long as your happy and enjoying your Golf I’m sure Titleist will be happy your creaming that 7 iron
  15. Very nice Tosh. I am waiting for mine to be delivered. I did get fitted and couldn't find a club which felt as nice as these to hit. And as a bonus they look great too.

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