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By Phillip H

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  1. Phillip H

    Phillip H
    Cramlington, UK

    Hi all,

    Firstly, apologies, I can guess that this has been asked before but I’ve tried going back further and further through the forum pages and can’t see the answer.

    Is it possible to get hold of products that are only listed on the US website?

    The specific item I’m after is a cap - Digital Camo Tour Sports Mesh. As far as I can only the adjustable ones made it over here last year and I only wear the fitted ones.

    I was on holiday in Florida last year and tried to buy one only to find that the gated community we stayed on didn’t accept post so it got returned! I even went to the local UPS retail stores thensorting office to try and intercept it but they weren’t particularly Interested in helping. So close and most of a day wasted!

    If I knew anyone in the US I would just ask them to buy it and post over but unfortunately I don’t.

    If anyone from Titleist sees this, can you get hold of stock internally? I don’t mind paying extra if costs are incurred.

    Thanks Phil

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