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By Michael B

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  1. Hi all

    Whats everyone's favourite time to play. I love getting out early and having the course to myself. Home already 9:30. Play later on with mates but just love a morning round.

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  2. The other end for me. Love a game after work. Nice and quiet to have a stroll.
  3. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Morning, noon or night,
    so long as it’s dry I don’t care haha
  4. Michael,
    Yeah, much prefer early mornings for solo golf... I was out this morning just after 7, by myself, playing Millionaire's Golf... There was a 3-ball five holes ahead of me and a two ball four holes behind me.
    Time to consider what you're doing and analyse as you play...
    I hate Medal Comps when you shuffle round like a tea dance, there are three or four groups on every hole and it takes over five hours to negotiate 18 holes.
  5. Daniel S

    Daniel S

    I prefer to play either early morning or early evening when most of the time you have the course to yourself !
  6. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    I love that early morning tee time. Can’t beat it.
  7. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    I'll play at anytime, but the early summers morning as the sun rises and there's a dew on the grass and the smell of fresh air can't be beaten. But a round late in the afternoon as the heat of the late summers day dissipates as the sun sets with thoughts of a cool beer on the clubhouse patio is also a great one...
  8. SAnderson


    Early mornings are the best, except when the haar hasn’t lifted...then it can be a bit challenging
  9. leslie h

    leslie h
    maidenhead, berkshire

    early morning when the day is fresh, the course looking great and all is well with the world :-)
  10. Aaron


    Early morning or late evening when I can see the sun setting
  11. Scott S

    Scott S

    I also love either early morning or late evening. This time of year is great as you can play almost until about 10:30 at night and it still be light.
  12. Madhatter

    Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire, Scotland

    Dry and overcast conditions, I really dont like it too hot, Id rather have wind than rain as well, good job I live in Scotland eh.

  13. ian e

    ian e

    Day light hours are the best time for me.
  14. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, 0

    I do like an early start, had some really early starts while following the greens keepers cutting the greens.
  15. Any chance I get so in all fairness anytime of the day
  16. 7.30am on 1st August(competition as well)
    As I am in the high risk group and still shielding this will be my first opportunity to play since 16th March.
    Bring it on.
    My clubs are safely tucked away in my locker at the club so I have been grooving my swing with an old hickory shafted wood (non branded) which I had in the garage. I think it has earned the right to have the opening tee shot
  17. Connor M

    Connor M
    Bonnie Scotland

    I like late morning or early afternoon with my mates but as long as I have a dry day and a good round I’ll play any time
  18. Love to get out at any time of the day!

    Working shifts before this lockdown lark was a blessing as long as I dodge the seniors\ladies medals in the week you can fly around!

    But one thing I can guarantee, that when I am on or approaching the 18th Green I'll have the wife on the phone asking me when I'll be back!!
  19. Raphael M

    Raphael M
    Vienna, Austria

    I'm not really a morning person so I like to play in the evening. But I'll take any time just to play golf. :)

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