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By thegolfsocialclub

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  1. I managed to get a set of T100s 5-pw in my shaft through a pro i know well who has a great relationship with titleist uk after being sponsored by them in his early career and he had originally ordered them for himself.

    I'm in a situation though of my bag currently sits at driver, 3 wood(15 Degree), 5-pw. The 5 iron on the t100s is 25 degrees. Should i just buy the 4 iron and get a hybrid, or go all out for the 3 & 4 iron on the 100s (19/22 degree) or move to a t200 4 iron? I haven't hit the t200 though.


  2. Have you considered trying the U500 as an alternative? It's a hugely powerful club and can be considered as a hybrid. You could pick the 3 or 4 iron depending upon the gapping. No chance of a plateau at the top end irons with these belters.
    Just a thought...
  3. Thanks I had consider that as an option - I think currently I was thinking of going with a 21/22 degree club to play as a 4 iron in my bag and then have the 19/18 degree as a long iron under the wind club as my home course is links.
  4. Gsoup


    I am currently playing the T200's. I would strongly consider the T200 4I along with a U series club.

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