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By Michael B

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  1. Thank you titleist, bag is full once again cant wait to get out now.

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  2. Michael,
    Guess the courier turned up, then...
    They certainly look the part.
    Enjoy them
  3. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Looking very good buddy ️‍♂️
  4. Tosh.


    I wonder how many of us has said “right that’s it my bag Is complete I’m not touching anything it’s perfect” then a few months down the line changed something .......ah golf.
  5. Madhatter

    Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire, Scotland

    Probably quicker counting how many have not said that Tosh.

  6. Scott D

    Scott D

    Nice looking clubs. I know you will enjoy hitting them.
  7. All down to you now.
    What could possibly go wrong
  8. Every round with those will be awesome!
  9. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    Tosh, i say that after every good round, then change my mind after a bad round lol

    I'm sure we all would love to change our clubs regularly, to take advantage of new technology and our ever changing swings, but it all comes at a cost, which we probably cant afford.
  10. Connor M

    Connor M
    Bonnie Scotland

    Clubs looking great. Enjoy them

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