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By AJP1965

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  1. Played in a club comp with a very nice older chap - after a few holes I suddenly realised he used two putters. He played a standard putter right handed but, once inside four feet, he switched to a bullseye putter and putted left handed.

    I have never come across anyone carrying two putters in my 30 years of golf.

    Any other odd combinations that anyone has come across?

  2. Scott S

    Scott S

    Back when broom handle putters were more prevalent, I knew someone who carried two putters. He had a normal length putter for longer putts, and then would use a broom handle putter for shorter putts.
  3. SAnderson


    I’ve played against a single figure handicapper who played his irons right handed (cack-handed) but putted left handed. It was weird but it must have worked for him.

    Also played with a guy who had two drivers, neither of which went particularly straight...
  4. Actually reminds me of when I lived in NZ at my first club - the club pro’s Brother was left handed but played with right handed clubs as that was all that was available growing up in Fiji. He played with his left hand below his right - very accurate but impacted his length.
  5. Played with a bloke who carried two 3-woods and no driver...
    Didn't understand his logic - he used one off the tee and the other off the fairway but was equally as indifferent and erratic with both.
    Suppose he reasoned that he'd paid for them and he was going to get his moneys' worth.
  6. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    A 5 handicapper I play with carries 2 putters - a broom handle which he uses 90% of the time, and a 'normal' putter for long putts or slow greens.

    I also played against a guy off of 1, he was left handed, but inside of 80 or so yards he'd switch to right handed. He carried 2 right handed Vokeys and was very good with him. Literally took me 10 or 11 holes to notice that he'd been switching - I think he putted right handed too but I'm not 100% sure.
  7. Whatever works I guess. Some people keep stuff because it means something to them.
  8. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex


    I used to play with someone who used 2 different 3-woods. One was set at 15 degrees and the other at 13.5 degrees. He preferred the size of the head, he didn't like large head clubs.

    He is a single figure handicap player so it has definitely worked for him.
  9. Trevor,
    My bloke was a true hacker.... There was no indication as to loft on his clubs - sort of stuff you tend to see outside charity shops!!
  10. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    A couple of instances spring to mind. A quite young guy who used an old golden goose putter who putted right handed from distance and then switched to left handed at around 3ft and in.
    The more bizarre was a chap who was right handed but carried two left handed wedges for pitching and chipping. Apparently he had the yips and this was the only way he could overcome it. Fine with full shots and putting but couldn’t hit any feel shots right handed!
  11. Brian M

    Brian M
    Totnes, Devon

    I used to play against a great guy in local inter club matches. He was ambidextrous and carried a half a set of left-handed clubs and half a set of right-handed clubs. If he needed a 5 iron, he used his left-handed 5 iron and if he needed a 6 iron distance, he used his right-handed 6 iron. I can’t remember how he putted.

    Didn’t Notah Begay switch sides depending on the length of putt?

  12. Connor M

    Connor M
    Bonnie Scotland

    DeChbeau carry’s 2 drivers. 1 325 yard fairway finder and a 350 yard carry ‘cracken’.

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