Which shaft and specifications for Vokey Wedges

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By Jesper Toft M

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  1. Hi.

    I play miz JPX 825 Pro fitted with TT Dynalite Reg 300 steel shafts. Shafts are 1/2" longer and clubheads are 2°UP. My set is 4-PW (PW: Loft 45°, lie 65° (2° up), length 36" (1/2" long). Woods and putter are all Titleist/Scotty Cameron (woods/rescues are fitted with Diamana Blue Reg. shafts).

    I need to replace my wedges to Vokeys SM7 and would like some advice on which 3 wedges is recommended for this set. Also which shaft will suit my set (brand, model, stiffness), and which specifications would You recommend for the wedges (loft, lie) ?

  2. ADeLucia

    Raleigh NC

    The best way to determine this is to go get fitted. You can attend a Titleist Thursday event for free and get fitted for all 3 wedges. The fitters do great work and will allow you to try out wedges for all kind of shots including full shots as well are around the greens. This will allow you to get the best combo of grinds and lofts as well as the right shaft.

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