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By TMoynihan

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  1. Am I correct in thinking that the wedges have been getting smaller and smaller every generation? I had started doing 46-50-54-58 with the SM5 and did the same thing with the SM6 but ended up going back to the pitching wedge in my iron set cuz the 46 was just small and tough to hit on full shots. It's also basically a 9 iron up until a few years ago! I'm trying to move put together a 3 wedge set so I can put in a hybrid when I need to.

  2. Think the shapes have altered over the generations, impacting upon the performance.
    Didn't like SM5 - thought them a bit square and difficult to vary the face angles.
    SM6 were OK, more rounded, but I struggled to find consistent control over them.
    SM7 seem to be slightly different in shape but I love them to bits. I can open the face and feel in control of my shots and have greater confidence with them as a result. This confidence continues to build, feeding itself and as a consequence, my short game is as good as it's ever been.
    Not convinced they are getting smaller, just changing shape.
  3. I thought the same thing this weekend; I picked up an SM7 in the store and thought, wow the head is more compact. It certainly could be the shape altering the look. Either way, I love it.
  4. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    They have a few things going on as each generation progresses....first, cosmetics; second, grind availability (SM7's introduced D grind for instance); lastly, the launch angle is more controlled with the current generation of wedges so that shots do not balloon. As far as the size it is a function of the shapes. More people prefer wedges with rounded angles versus straight so the wedges appear to be smaller. I have not heard recently of any significant size change however shape is changing constantly depending on preferences on tour and the marketplace.
  5. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I've played all 3. SM5 48-08, 54-10S and 60-04L. Initially started on SM6 50-08, 58-12K (bent to 56) and 62-08M. At this point I have SM6 46-08 (bent to 44) and 50-08, and SM7 56-08M and 62-08M. SM5 54-10S was great for chipping and pitching but not so good out of bunkers. The SM6 62-08M hits better in a hard bunker vs SM5 60-04L. The 58-12K was great out of sand but not so great around the greens. The SM7 56-08M and 62-08M are versatile.
  6. harry h

    harry h
    Lasvegas, NV

    I have the 48 54 58 f f k grinds all sm6 model I like these the best of all

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