Vokey wedge with no serial number

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By Ricky T

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  1. Hi, first time posting on here. I bought a 62deg vokey sm8 wedge in raw finish a few months ago and only just realised it doesn’t have a serial number on the hosel. I have had a look online and found minimal info on this, one post said no serial number is nothing to worry about as fakes normally have a made up serial number on them. Bought 2nd hand off ebay. What do you all think? Thanks in advance, Ricky

  2. Hey Ricky

    Did you get an answer on this?
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Those of us who post on here are not employees of Titleist, but loyalists like yourselves. Buying clubs off eBay is not the best place to purchase clubs, especially if they are purchased from China or the far east. They are a lot of fakes being sold on eBay. It is best to "know your buyer" and we recommend purchasing them from a "Titleist account" to ensure they are authentic. You can always contact customer service at Titleist, by going to the bottom, following the directions, and emailing them. With respect.

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