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By BWatson

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  1. What is the difference between between the WedgeWorks T Grind and WedgeWorks Limited Edition B Grind?

    They both appear to be low bounce, suited for firm conditions, shallow swings, and open faced shots.

    Descriptions from the Vokey website...

    B Grind: www.vokey.com/.../WM131.html

    Inspired by Voke's "Most Favorite" M Grind, the WW 60 B Grind was created for players looking for a similar sole shape and width to the M Grind but with lower bounce. The forward bounce and camber of the M Grind is reduced resulting in a flatter forward bounce section allowing the wedge to sit very tight to the ground.

    This unique sole grind design provides a very pleasing visual set-up to players that like to slide the club under the ball. This wedge is for the player with high speed and is precise in their delivery. Firm conditions and lightly sanded bunkers are the perfect conditions for the 60 B.

    ----------------------------------------- T Grind: www.vokey.com/.../WM121.html

    The T Grind is a Voke original, inspired by work with a former Titleist Brand Ambassador, fine tuned by the master craftsman and Aaron Dill (@VokeyWedgeRep) The characteristics reflect the great hands of the inspiration; this is a low-bounce wedge with a narrow crescent surface. Unique from the L Grind, this wedge has a wider back flange, which creates unique playing characteristics and allows for a lower measured bounce, in addition to the narrow bounce surface.

    Each week on Tour, Aaron Dill (Vokey PGA Tour Rep, @VokeyWedgeRep) and Will Harvey (Vokey European Tour Rep, @VokeyWedgeRep.Europe) are working with players to prepare for firm, fast fairway conditions. The T Grind was once in the college bag of Jordan Spieth and has recently returned this past year as a gamer 60°. The same is true for Justin Thomas. Justin tested a series of low-bounce options leading up to the Presidents Cup, ultimately deciding the T best fit the conditions and his game. To this day, it is in his travel bag, and he selects his 60° based on the week, the course, and the conditions. This wedge is uniquely positioned as a great links wedge, ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions.

    "I’ve had players say they feel like they can hit any shot with the T – the combination of the forward bounce for low pitch shots and the grind for the soft control shots is something needed with the vast amount of shots required on links or firmer course setup." -Will Harvey

    A player looking for a low bounce wedge where leading edge to sit flush with the ground, especially on open faced shots will like the WW T Grind.

  2. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Cant wait to get my T in the mail... Should be nice out of the wet bunkers!
  3. According To Bob Vokey, the effective bounce of the T Wedge is lower than the B Wedge...The shape of the sole is where you can see a difference.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    The Wedgeworks 64W is a modified T grind (edges rounded). It works well even in soft sand.

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