T Grind vs M Grind

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By PMosher

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  1. I currently use the M grind for my lob wedge. I love it for its versatility. Full shots, bunker, open and close face around the green. So I’m wondering, how would the T grind differ from the M? Is it more dead on full shots? Is it only good for just firm conditions/tight lies? Basically what are the pros and cons in comparison with the M.

  2. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    T grind actually gets under the ball better on tight lies. The SM4 and SM5 had T grind for the 62* wedge with 7* bounce. SM4 64* wedge was T grind. I have a Wedgeworks 64W, which is a modified T grind and I have no problem with soft bunkers.
  3. The M and T are different in the sense that the low bounce gives one the attributes of the M but in a low bounce model. The T is definitely popular on tour at the moment and better players will enjoy the versatility of the T.

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