Vokey F/K grinds in bunker

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By Larry V

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  1. With the full sole F & K grinds, what is the design intention of the wedge for greenside bunkers. Is it supposed to be set up square at address, or should it still be set up open for more bounce?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    While the F & K do not have the extra toe, heel, and back grinding of some of the other models, the methodology for hitting a bunker shot should not change. Sand conditions and a person's tendencies should factor in to your selection and the versatility of how you use the club with other shot conditions like thick rough or tightly mowed areas around the greens. F & K will help a person who struggles with digging into the sand too much and opening the blade will help even more. A plugged lie or hard, wet sand will dictate squaring the blade to avoid having the club bounce up into the ball. That is the same for any wedge, just more of an issue with the greater bounce surface you get on these two grinds. Hope this helps.
  3. I changed my greenside bunker technique last year to make it more simple. I basically made it more like pitching the ball but with a wider stance and hitting the sand behind the ball. I changed my stance on chipping/pitching to almost square a couple of years ago and felt like all of the specific greenside bunker adjustments with the really open stance and open face were overcomplicating things.

    I picked up a 58 degree K grind for greenside bunkers (my primary club around the greens is a 56M). I open the face a little but not as much as I used to and on longer shots I may square it. If I need to get some height then I will open it more.

    In summary, I simplified my technique and let the club (with more bounce) do the work.

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