Counterfeit Vokey SM8 Wedges?

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By DPersson

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  1. I've just bought two used Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges and started to wonder if they're real or fake since they look a bit different.

    First thing is the serial number which is very different. The second thing are the stamped diagonal lines which aslo look very different from one another (looks to be "more diagonal" on one of the clubs) Do they differ depending on the loft? Same grind on both wedges. Third thing is the writing on the bottom of the clubs which aren't the same, the letters/numbers on the 60 degree looks a bit thicker I think. Don't know if this could differ depending on the loft?

    And last the label on the shafts is reversed.  The clubs are bought through the biggest website for buying and selling second hand stuff in Sweden (where I live).

    Would be happy if anyone with more experience could help!

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  2. J22abe


    My SM9 60* has bolder font than my SM8 50 and 54.
    Neither of your serials look anything like the ones on my SM8 50 and 54. They're laser etched, there's probably variance in that given when they were manufactured. The hosels vary with lofts as they change hosel lengths to affect CG on the different lofts.
  3. If you purchase your products from an authorized seller of Titleist goods then you should never have a problem.

    IMHO, Chris
  4. Mitch B

    Mitch B
    Huntsville, Alabama

    Some people can’t afford to buy 3 $180 wedges
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I went to the bottom of this page, under Customer Service, Product Registration and ran your numbers and these are my findings by number and matching club(s):

    1588461 SM6 TC RH DYG SZ 52.12F and Vokey SM9 TC Custom Wedge
    3429185 Vokey COC Tour Chrome Right Hand 60.07 Demo Club

    Those numbers are already in use and are registered with Titleist. You might contact Customer Service under email Customer service. If they are indeed counterfeit then you can report the seller to Titleist with the info on their Counterfeit Product Notice.

    Hope this sheds a little lite on your question.

    My retail wedges from a Titleist dealer begin with a 1 in the serial number. My custom designed wedge begins with a 0, from Titleist.

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