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By Collin B

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  1. Hey all! If this is a repeat question, my apologies. I’m trying to figure out the bounce and grind I want. I currently have older Vokey wedges. 50,54,58. As I’m looking at the new grinds, S is what is sticking out to me. I’m in the Midwest so ground conditions don’t change much. I have M on my older wedges. I also got fit and am adding 1/2 to my shafts. How crucial is the grind I choose?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  2. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    With all the discussion about the benefits of fittings, I find a lot of folks resist for whatever reason getting fit for wedges. I am probably such a believer because I was lucky enough to have a fitting from the master himself as a 50th birthday gift at TPI, but I have followed up with fittings with my local Pro as well. I find that wedges are so personal - not just to the individual but to the local course conditions. As such, a proper fitting (IMHO only) must occur with full shots, mid-range pitches and both tight and loose/sand lies. Only then can you get the right mix for you. My recommendations:

    1. Get fit by a knowledgeable fitter on your local course (i.e. not off a mat or on the range)
    2. Hit Full shots, 1/2 shots, short chips, off varying lies and out of the sand
    3. Get a mix of bounces/grinds to give you more options on the course
    4. Keep an open mind. I was surprised at where I ended up, including a different (lighter) shaft weight in lob wedge (makes sense to me now given it rarely gets used as a full shot but surprised me at the time)
    5. Enjoy!
  3. Mitch B

    Mitch B
    Huntsville, Alabama

    Best thing to do is go hit different grinds and bounces and see what feels best
  4. I personally like my SW and LW to have different ends up the spectrum when it comes to bounce/grinds for optimum versatility. If it's wet that day, nice to have high bounce, if it's bone dry, low bounce. I also live in the midwest and use 54.14F and 60.08M. To me the 08M is perfect for the 58/60 for most players. For the 54 I went with 14F but also highly considered 10S and 12D.

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