New SM9 T Grind!

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  1. Can’t wait… They look way better than the wedge works custom t’s!!
  2. JRo


    Sounds awesome for me , hope to get my Hands on them at Hansegolf next week in Hamburg
  3. David ARK

    David ARK
    Long Beach, NY

    Got a raw T-grind on order. Another weapon to add to the bag.
  4. What was the lead time when you placed your order? Says 8 weeks in Canada.
  5. BCochran


    I am currently playing a SM7 60° M Grind and wondering what difference or shot ability the T Grind will offer? Looking to upgrade my wedges and want to make the best informed decision. Currently also using a 54° M Grind.
  6. In my experience, the T grind is way more versatile. The T grind is the only comfortable wedge with any shot on any golf course. I can play anything with it. Short shots with draw spin are easier as well. I find them easier to hit off the toe and take a little spin or distance off as well.
    The M grind can be opened up a little bit if the lie isn’t too tight but I find that’s about it. The T grind is capable of literally any wedge shot you might have in firm or soft conditions and bunkers
  7. Would you say the T grind would play like maybe an older Vokey Red Saw ( think that was SM2?). I like a more knife like wedge - I currently have an SM9 04 60 L but find it a bit clunky - I am definitely a sweeper so like to have 1 wedge extremely low bounce and another 56 10 S with a bit more bounce
  8. I would say so. I think the closest thing that would be similar would be the T grind or a 62-08 M grind depending on what loft you’re trying to get and how much you’re trying to open the face.
    Clunky is a great word to describe it! The soles seem so thick compared to the old wedges when you open it up.
    The old wedges are fairly easy to find if you’re right handed though and know what you want. Especially if you’re not looking for anything more than a 60. It’s pretty hard for us lefties to find anything other than a groove sharpener though.
  9. Thanks - I really like the SM9s but for a 60 degree I would never hit it square on - always open and don’t want that bounce - even the 4 degree seems like more bounce than past iterations
  10. If that’s what you plan on using your 60 for then I would say the T grind should be a great fit for you?
  11. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    These bounces are deceiving. Look at a K grind side by side with L or T grind. L actually has more leading edge bounce.
  12. Yes - seems so . Not what I expected on the SM9 04 L coming from the SM6 04L . Just received new SM9 60 T grind. That’s exactly what I wanted - seems this may have been made available because of what you described with the L grind - you just can’t open it like prior gens
  13. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Just got the 58-04T today. The 58-14K is a pretty versatile club in its own right but the edge goes to the T for chipping off tight lies. The K plows through thick grass better. They both are equal in most aspects.
  14. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    I'm also curious how the new T Grind performs in comparison to an SM7 60* L Grind. Is it more versatile? The L Grind seems to be fairly flexible but also definitely not the best for softer conditions and definitely not for fluffy bunkers. I would think the T Grind to be similar?
  15. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    T grind is better off hard lies.
  16. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Where the K Grind wins out over T is in a thick patch of grass. K grind actually gets under the ball better than M grind. L grind leading edge has a higher bounce.
  17. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Some of those bounces are a bit deceiving. The leading edge of L grind has a pretty high bounce. T grind picks the ball nicely on hard pan.

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