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Ace on 17

During golf league tonight I had a 153 yard shot on the 17th hole. Wind was crossing right to left with pin in front right, eight paces from bunker. Played shot just over...

The One Hop!

I play in a 2 man monday after work golf league at Yankee Trace Golf Course in Centerville Ohio. We were playing a tough competitor and had a couple rough holes going into the...

26 years later..

26 years after my first ace, was lucky enough to hold a draw against a 20mph crosswind, get a perfect bounce, and roll it in from 119 yards. ProV1x got the job done! Best of...

Best Decision ever made!

Last weekend I was on a weekend get away golf trip with my old man and his friends. We had just got done playing our round on Saturday and were sitting down for a late lunch/...

The WHole Story

We like to say we are bi-coastal because we live on two west coasts ... California and Hawaii... We were staying last week at our Big Island home and playing that day at...

Hole in One

Hit an 8 iron with a slight draw, rolled for a second and disappeared. Couldn't stop yelling "holy sh!t."

guys outing

Did a two day outing with 15 other guys in northern Indiana . two guys had to leave before the last round and my partner hurt his back . so i played alone and my partner rode...

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